torstai 11. syyskuuta 2014

WIP ottomans

Since my regular opponent has Muscovites and Swedes and I have Poles and western type troops fitting Imperials or Danes I, despite not having finished either Poles or Imperials, decided to take a plunge and start a new army.

The choice fell to Ottomans - solely on the wish to paint the hordes of irregularly dressed  cavalry. One should think I would have learned something from tackling the Poles... :-)

The project started by getting some Segbani irregular infantry and beszli cavalry. Of these the segbani have even gotten some color on them.
Segbani in their new coats. (in the background

Weird green, still trying to get nice lush green, but this might fit such motley crew. Gamingwise this horde is pretty much rubbish, but fun and relatively quick to paint. In the background one of the ronins.

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