torstai 18. syyskuuta 2014

Ronin - wip progress

First batch of the minis have already been varnished and are merely waiting for me to finish the bases. Most of the minis are already in dipping stage so I was feeling that I might actually finish a project for once.

So here some collected buntai pics:

2 yariashigarua, 2 yumiashigarua ja 2 samuraita. Samurait lakattu jalkamiehet dipattu.
The bushi - the guys of law and order nobody really likes. Samurai already varnished ashigaru with dip only. All miniatures Perry. They might be joined later by this fellow:
Golden lacquered armor with red lacing and red lacquer on kabuto. Armed with a naginata. Perry again.

Group I was thinking as my primary buntai:
5 Perryn soheita.

The sohei - great fun to paint. I may need to get another bunch later just  to try how the effect of brown gowns works. Miniatures again Perry. As gaming buntai against the bandits these guys were lethal - perhaps even a bit too lethal.

The sohei lack long range weapons - so they need to get some from the ranks of teppoarmed miniatures below.
Perry ikko-ikki teppo, tulevat esiintymään soheina, ryöväreinä ja ikko-ikkin riveissä. 

And further the league of Pure land followers - the Ikko- Ikki in one possible 100 point combination.
Perryn ikko-ikki ampujia ja keihäsmiehiä, taustalla Black hatin talonpoikia.
 Perry Ikko-ikki teppo and ikko-ikki defending, on background some Black hat- peasants.

Making small lists showed that 100 points is really limited especially for the bushi but also for the sohei. Intersting to see if games of roughly 200 points flow as smoothly.

Quick inventory showed that even though this project is over halfway mark work remains to be done. Primed and begun there are still 6 figures and yeasterday I finally assembled the rest of the Black hat ronins I had waiting:
Black hatin ronineita aseistettuina no-dachilla, 3 katanalla, 3 yarilla ja 3 naginatalla.
Some of these guys might work as normal bushi: samurai or ashigaru depending on coverage of armour. Some though are clearly ronin or bandits. One interesting point to note is that these guys wear armour more fitting for the 1300-1400 than 1500-1600 of the Perrys. The large sode (shoulderguards) the wide shikoro (brim of the helmet) and o-yoroi and haramaki type of cuirasses seem to be of earlier types. So either these guys are really poor and have scrounged some antiquated junk or in case of o-yoroi they are using the stuff as ornate statussymbol. (Which was also done in sengoku period.)

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