keskiviikko 24. syyskuuta 2014

Wallachians - valakialaisia

For a change troop of guys shown in ready form:

Valakialainen ryhmä harvinaisen tiukassa kolonnassa.
 Normal routine for me these days:
horses and tack painted separately, but based. Riders painted separately except for some final touches.

"Magic" dip and varnish. No higlights at that point.

 Black wash and painting over with primary colours might give better results, but in my hands not necessarily as much better than they would be more work.
Aroheinää ja kukkasia.
 I have envied the bases my usual gaming opponent uses. I have not gone over to earthtone and grass on top, but eperimented with  tufts of grass and flowers on these ones.
Kuin kasakoita, vain huonompia.
Like cossacks - just shabbier and not quite as effective.
In game terms some subtle differences - these guys never close ranks for fighting and act as scouts and true light cavalry types.
One plus is that they have more ammo so they can spend time pelting the enemy with bow and carbine fire instead of conserving all the ammo for their pistols in melee.

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