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Polish skirmish group WIP Puolalaisia työn alla

After Wallachians I have been going on the colonel, pancerni and the cossacks of Polish skirmish force. Original idea was to finish just the pancerni, but it felt almost as easy to juggle eight bases as three due to economy of paint when painting such small details.

So waiting for the dip and varnish.
Eversti, pancernit keihäineen ja kasakat taustalla.
Pancerny I feel are a bit too uniform, but since they a crack formation that can perhaps be accepted as vanity of rotmistr and the colonel. Cossacks have more blue coats than originally intended. It is a proper and popular colour for them but I managed  to get more blue than required from the dried nozzle twice.
Samat joukot etuviistosta
  The troops look naked without their flags. Furry parts and mail will need close scrutiny, and perhaps drybrush after the dip, but overall I am pretty happy how these guys look so far.

PS Finally got one company of cossacks I had "almost ready" in last november  to shape where I felt I could just add varnish and finish the bases.
Aron veteraanit viimeinkin lakattuina ja baset ruohotettuna. Yllättävän paljon yksityiskohtia löytyi "melkein valmiista" taas täydennettäväksi.
These blue reined veterans have been waiting for the finishing touches for a long time. Now I think they are finally done.

PS 2 With the sun out some more pics of the skirmish group, sans wallachians and with an added troop of cossacks.

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