keskiviikko 24. syyskuuta 2014

Covering up. Paikkamaalausta.

After the last game of By Fire and Sword I happened to look at some closeups of my figures side by side with my regular opponents really nicely painted ones. More to the point he has actually finished the group my Reiters were facing.  Mine had been on the gaming table as wips with the idea of finishing them at some better time.

I actually managed to get the troop of Reiters that acted as Courland Lehnsfahne to the point it could be varnished and based properly. Irritating project - since these guys, four bases of three figures each  had quite a lot of minor errors like unpainted boots or gloves in them and it took several rounds to catch them.

Wargamerin Ruotsalaisen skirmishpaketin reitereita

Vähän turhan yhdenmukainen asustus palkkasoturiratsumiehille

Valmiina palvelemaan Puolan, Itävallan tai Tanskan kruunua
 Another irritation was to see how uniform I had painted this bach. Everyone in same leather jacket, white shirt and red trousers. Minor variation in headgear and horse tack. I might visit these guys later, but for now they may serve on.

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