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Quarterly inventory

I did some counting on amount of figures I've acquired and painted for Polish and Imperial/Danish armies. This is not progress in three months, it is total situation now.

Total amount of figures is close to 750, probably a bit over.  (I have figure 738 in the spreadsheet, but that is lacking artillery crews and probably still some blisters of infantry.) That sounds like a lot and to tell the truth it actually is quite a lot.

In context of By Fire and Sword it means I will be able to field Polish and any western skirmish forces  pretty easily. By existing lists for Polish Division I have several options on what to bring to the table. I could field tatar skirmish force on the table and possibly an ottoman raiding  force. I think I might even be able to get minimum strength Swedish division against lean Polish division. For the Commonwealth I don't really need any minis at this moment. I could use Petyhorchy for Lithuanian force and probably some more cossacks, but as is I have lots of options. And still quite a lot to paint.

Amount of painted figures is not quite so impressive. Total of figures with enough paint to look semidecent on the table is 261. A Polish division with extras basically. Figures with varnish and finished bases is 27. Figures lacking just varnish and the finishing of the base probably about the same. I sill

Before tha last game I was mainly working on getting the hussars to stage where they could be deployed. After that I have worked mainly on basing and priming infantry and dragoons. Plus pondering on which colors to give them - there is very scarce documentation for uniforms so I would be safe in just painting them in individual colors. After first going through units of landsknechts and then irregular Polish volunteers and cossacks idea of regimental semiuniformed troops sounds very appealing.

So - dragoons will get red coats and yellow cuffs - suitable for Polish Royal dragoons. Regiments of pike and shotte infantry will wear red, off-white/grey and pale blue. (Uniform red, blue or white would be plausible too, but I hope to get more flexibility for same minis by using regimental colors.)  Smaller musket detachments will either be scruffy mercenaries  in total random colors or spiffy citymilitias/lifeguards in livery.

Imperial regiment with coats and cuirasses painted QR miniatures 15 mm

Same regiment with some hats and socks. On background dragoons with their new boots and baldricks.  

Musketeers contramarching.

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