sunnuntai 20. huhtikuuta 2014

Imperial regiment of foot and Polish dragoons

At last something that is not WIP.
 Regiment of foot with flag of Oberst Holk, supported by a regimental gun. Musketeers and pikemen from QR miniatures 30 years war range. Gun and gunners from Wargamers range of Swedes.
 Joy to paint although the amount of details on musketeers was beginning to get on m nerves at the end.

 Dragoons - Swedish dragoons from Wargamer, with colourscheme suitable to Polish Royal dragoons - but could in a pinch serve also as Danish or Imperial dragoons.

Same regiment - box of dragoons and dragoons from the Swedish skirmish pack - dismounted.

Both troops were painted by first doing block painting, than washed with mixture of india ink and floor polish and then given nongloss varnish.

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