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Muscovites at the river

 As weaker player my opponent got to choose the scenario taking river crossing and buying fortifications to bolster his defences.
As special effects he got one company of field dragoons delayed and unexpected reinforcements.
He deployed field dragoons with spears and halfmuskets on the bridgehead position leaving a squadron of reiters to keep the ford together and boyar sons as cavalry reserve beyond the bridge.
I had in my muster Gosievski foray - banner of hussars, company of dragoons, two banners of reiters and two weak banners of cossacks.

On round one I unleashed dragoons and reiters to shoot on the dragoon musketeers while cossacks got to pepper the spearmen. Dragoons on other side of river responded to fire and the Muscovite reiters advanced. For change Polish were in firefight and winning.

Round two Muscovite drew his musketdragoons from the bridgehead to the bridge, launcehd an ambush to my flank and advanced with his reiters.
I grew impatient and sent a banner of cossacks to charge the obstacles while continuing the fire and turning with my hussars to meet the new threat.
Cossacks were repulsed with bloody nose.

Round three - my dragoons occupied the banja at riverside, my right poured fire onto Russian dragoons and hussars jockeyd for charge position.
His reiters used musketeers as cover and tried to get a charging position. The musketeers-dragoons scored hits on the hussars who casually ignored these. Picture from early phases of round four. My well drilled reiters reformed and prepared to caracole the dragoons out of the field. Right wing tried to finish the spear dragoons with fire and dragoons in the house received defence order.
His reiters withdrew from threat of my hussars and his border dragoons took postition at the side of the house, ready to attack . Nevertheless, they received fire both from my dragoons and the caracoling reiters.
 Round five his delayed troops consolidated a position on the riverbank giving casualties to my cossacks but failing to dislodge them - leaving the bridge contested. My cossacks had spent their ammunition, but the reiters finished the lonely spear dragoons at the bridgehead. On his right his dragoons assaulted my dragoons in the house, but were repulsed. His reiters withdrew from the scary hussars who slowly loitered forward.

On round six hussars charged the hapless remanats of the dragoons and swept them off the table, but nothng else happened. Victory to Poles since I took no casualties and inflicted acceptable casulaties on the russians. Bridge was contested so none got advantage from that. More tactical game than the previous ones. Hussars did not really  achive that much, but their deterrent get the Muscovite reiters neutralized. Shooting the bridgehead was accomplished, but took too much time.

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