perjantai 11. huhtikuuta 2014

Slow going

Still pushing on with dragoons and imperial infantry.

Since last time: most of the guys have had their headgear done, the new squadron and command group of dragoons have gotten color to their horses and most of their horsetack. Also the Old squadron on white horses has gotten reins.
Still to do baldricks and apostles for some musketeers, all colorful pants, hair and beards for some of the guys, most dragoon muskets and swords.  Horseblankets, cuffs for new dragoons and all infantry and scarves for everyone. And pikemen should get pikes at some point.
The batch I am working on is slightly too large - some tasks become irritatingly repetitive, like muskets. Still I am pretty happy with the masseffect these two regiments make in their reds.

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