torstai 16. tammikuuta 2014

QR miniatures - some 15 mm cavalry

Yesterday was assemby for Poles in here today I mounted them on cardboard for undercoating and possibly painting too.

Here are some pics and my feelings on the guys.

QR light cavalry with a member of nobility leading on.
Sold as light cavalry - these troopers have no visible armor. Could work as wallachians, volunteers or cossacks in my army. For Polish cossacks they might be slightly underarmoured. Nice mixture of bows and carbines.
Members of nobility

Nice gowns, seem to give good opportunity for opulent painting. No bows, quivers or carbines, but case of pistol holsters. Separate heads and weapons. I struggled with the weapons, but heads fitted easily.

QR Pancerni

 Commander with fur hat, leading a noble again. Carbines and quivers bows on those without. Separate weapons and right hands on some. Easy to glue on. My favorite is estoc carried by fourth from the left.
QR 30 Years War cuirassiers
Five wear closed helms, three have zishagge helmets, all in 3/4 armour. 3 with drawn swords rest with pistols. Will no doubt find a place in early 30 Years war army. Detail on zishagge is especially pleasing to me.
QR 30 years war Reiters
 Of the eight six seem to have breastplates. 2 of these have weird helmets of the type shown as Swedish early cavalry helm in Osprey, close to kapalina. The rest have hats. Pistols for all the armored troopers, drawn swords for the two guys in long buff? coats. Will nicely turn into a gruffy looking company of German Livonian or Curonian mercenaries I think. Could also work as early Swedish company.

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