sunnuntai 12. tammikuuta 2014

Armored reiters - Finished

The squadron of armored reiters was finished last week.

I took these guys for the Christmas time painting challenge of Sotavasara forum. A nice little project and the deadline with these fellows helped in concentrating on actually finishing the group.

When making small inventory of what I have finished last year I marked that although I have painted relatively lot of troops to condition where they are recognizable on the table I tend to wander off precisely at that point.

Also, with lots of renaissance guys with very varied dress I have had tendency to work simultaneously with overly large batches with the result that painting monotonous stuff like pike shafts or doing bases has become a too tedious chore to be interesting.

I did not work only with these guys during holiday season. At the same time I had some Polish cossacks on the table and worked on getting mounts of larger batch to some kind of color. On the finishing run of these reiters I also gave finishing touch to the group of pancerni I have had almost finished for quite some time.

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