torstai 16. tammikuuta 2014

New goodies

The mail brought some new stuff.
Osprey-book on Polish Hussars, giving some new ideas for painting the heavy hitters.
Batch of miniatures from Minifigs and Matchlock ranges and some figs from QR miniatures.

I mainly worked with QR stuff yesterday. The cavalry I was working with, different Poles and Tatars/Kalmuks from Russian range had horses and riders cast in one piece. Level of detail was pretty nice to my eyes, quality of cast was decent with pretty little flash.
Mixture of QR Lithuanian Tatars and Tatars/Calmucs from their Russian range

Some of the ranges had separate heads (Szlachta and lithuanian tatars) and some separate weapons on part of figures(Pancerni, Szlachta and some of the tatars.) I personally dislike gluing such minuscule details, although the estoc on one of the pancerni was very nice detail.

Generally these guys are a tad pudgier than by Fire and Sword  and Legio Heroica figures. It remains to be seen if separate banners of these guys stand up from the general lineup too much.

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