torstai 12. helmikuuta 2015

WIP 15 mm crusaders

New wave of japanese figures pushed this project to the sidelines, but slowly my small crusader host has advanced.

Two conrois of cavalry. Hearthguard

Some detail is still missing. Shield decals are not 100% match so the edges of kiteshields will require some paint. Legio heroica crusader knights and arabized knights of the Holy Land.

Foot soldiers - warriors and levy.

Legio Heroica again. Still missing glaze, varnish and some details of the base. I very much liked to paint the peasant levy. Probably worthlesh trash on the battlefield, though.

Furthermore 8 mounted sergeants. (Armenian knights and sergeants) and some leaders are in various stages of painting. 12 spearmen, 12 pilgrims and a priest await priming.

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