maanantai 2. helmikuuta 2015

Foul bandits against the heroes of the Pure land. Ronin skirmish

On Sunday I played a 100 point game of Ronin with my son.

He chose a bandit troop, led by rank 3 leader, assisted by a hired ronin of same rank, and ruling over one rank 1 bandit and 5 rank 0 peasants.
I countered with league of Pure land composite force. Samurai of rank 3 had under him a montogashira of rank 2 and 3 monto, footsoldiers.

We played on compound area with two houses one force starting inside and me with the ikki charging in.

Fast and furious action with bandits overwhelmed by the agression of the believers. The bandit tactics of meatshield of peasants to harass my valuable troops failed since he was a bit late in bringing his rank 3 actual fighters to scrap. The bandit leader did get away though so this story is not over.

 Opening moves.
 End of round 2. 
Around round 4 or 5. Fast action and I believe fun was had by both. Reinforced lesson - armor good. Peasants need to work at least 2:1 to have a chance 3:1 starts to annoy even better troops.

Ronin matsi pojan kanssa. Likaiset ryövärit saivat köniinsä buddhalaisen liigan sekalaiselta, mutta fanaattiselta iskuryhmältä. Panssari, paikallinen ylivoima ja muutaman kriittisen kerran omaan suuntaani pyörineet nopat tekivät tästä ottelusta hyvin epätasaisen.

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