maanantai 2. maaliskuuta 2015

Signal Close action kriegspiel and Ronin.

A long play by email game of Signal Close action wound to end since last posting. Despite my mismanagement of French class 2 ship of the line Amphion I managed to pummel smaller British adversary to submission in a very close run boarding action.

On this game I was just a player. Organizer sent us mail with pics taken from the quarterdeck of ships showing the enemy, with some extra info relayed by 1st lieutenant. A blast to play, but must have been an enormous amount of work for the host.

With a friend a game of ronin where Pure land league clashed with some Hosokawa samurai.
 My opponents advancing.
 Hosokawa adavancing to the village.
 Shooting line of ikki teppo by the fence
 Peasants and monks on my left flank.

I managed to get so0me of the Crescent and Cross crusaders ready:
Levy infantry armed with various nasty clubbing and hacking instruments. 15 mm Legio Heroica.

I will continue with both the japanese and the  Saga crusaders, but with the arrival of Deluge for the By Fire and Sword troops for its army lists may get priority.

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