keskiviikko 12. maaliskuuta 2014

Painting - work continues.

WIP seems to be constant theme here.
I got my brave hussars to stage where they have their primary colors on. Tidying bases, inking and detail work remains. Roughly at midpoint from finished I figure, but hour or two from stage where I could get them on the table.
Hussar clothing should probably not be uniform. Variation here is very subtle though. Lances are painted separately except on the test figure on the right. Mixed in their is one Wargamer figure, rest are Legio Heroica. At this point I decide to base the guys since I have tendency to get green on figures when painting bases - corrections can be done at same stage as painting over inked figures.

Hussars have been the main project, but on the side Polish king Jan  with his retinue has been getting some treatment. 

Cossacks and Pancerni by QRminiatures are painted and inked. Some higlights and they are ready for varnish and grass. See the grass stained hooves...

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