maanantai 3. helmikuuta 2014

Cossacks and reiters WIP

With less harsh winter I finally did some undercoating outside.
Tatars are still waiting for inspiration, at the moment the horde looks even too dirty, but I am not sure what to do to amend that. Some careful highlighting may be in order.

I finally glued on some cossacks I have been painting separately.

By Fire and Sword cossacks.

Some highlighted details, grass to the bases, varnish and I think these guys may ride to skirmishfields. And a flagpole to the flagcarrier ofcourse.
Reiters from QRMiniatures

 With these I am experimenting on new process with painting troops before basing them. Handling horses and riders separate already seemed much more comfortable than painting three troopers and their mounts side by side. Interesting to see how this method works for me.These troopers are to get coloring suitable for German mercenary cavalry equally at home in Polish or Imperial troops. If required they might be easily drafted to Swedish or Danish service. I am tempted to get more of these guys, just to get more troopers with that wonky helmet, but so far I have resisted the temptation - no new miniature purchases until previous ones are painted and based, preferably finished.

Obviously not all of them, but amount comparable to intended purchases.  And even though I get kind of reluctant to do the finishing touches to units I need do just that to clear the queue I have made.
So in future I should work on:
- finishing Wargamer Cossacks, Volunteers and Polish Infantry.
- making a list of troops required for Polish division - that is minimum of two Polish cavalry regiments of which one may be light one, with at least one more regiment which may be volunteers, Dragoons or German mercenaries - and painting those units first
- finish the Reiters that I have already done to some level
- work on units of Italian wars and finish them one at the time
- playing with toysoldiers
- having fun in all parts of the process

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