keskiviikko 5. helmikuuta 2014

...and continuing. Reiters WIP

 Reiters have continued to get details, on the side I've added details to noble volunteers I started already before Christmas. The reiters  got sword frocks, hair and beard, manes of horses, stripes to saddleblankets and steel to their pistols and swords.
 In principle they are ready for inking. I might still add some detail like buckles or hooves, but basically the primary colors are done.

The volunteers had most riders already painted but lacked color on some horses and quite a lot of reins. Finally got all the horses painted as well as reins, some saddleblankets are still black.
Some of the greens dont really work, they are too dark and require some work. Horses manes are mostly unpainted and require work. And all the figures need to be checked for any missing details. Facial hair is missing so far and quite a lot of guys have black undercoat showing in their fur caps. Not a bad color, or effect, but very lazy solution.

On the side some of the Cossacks or Light cavalry by QR miniatures got excess color so that all their horses have the basic color. I kind of like the leather red - new bottle in my paint storage so it seems freash among grey and light brown mounts.

And since I don't seem to be able to get just a small drop of paint: 
the Pancerni from same batch got their mail coats and helmets painted now.

Alltogether a reasonably productive evening. Counts as family time since I set up my painting area on same table as wife was playing Civ and even had conversation while working on our respective pastimes. Cozy.

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