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By Fire and Sword Division

Well, date has been set for a game of By Fire and Sword on division level.
That means I need to organize Poles I've been working on into regiments and see what kind of division I can muster.
Core of the division will include three regiments of which two must be variants of Polish cavalry regiments. I have decided to field one light and one crown regiment for these tasks. The third regiment could be Reiters, Dragoons, Mercenary Infantry of western type  or - like in my case Levy of Nobility regiment. In addition to these I could field two more optional regiments - either Polish cavalry regiments or any foreign regiments. In addition I would get to field some divisional artillery, and divisional companies.

Command is held by Regimentarsz Tadeusz Potocki. (Commanders fictional or anachronistic.)

Polish Warszyski's Light cavalry regiment. Base of the regiment is 4 Cossack banners. In addition one may buy more Cossacks, Wallachians or as in this case tatars. Additional troops for this regiment are Pancerni. One of the Cossacks I changed to Wallachians.  In addition I used points in beefing up the reconnaissance ability of this regiment with three banners of tatars, two of them strenghtened with extra base each.  In the end this regiment costs 10 Force Strength points. The plan is to use these guys as a screening and harassing force and try and avoid having them fighting any fair fights.

Polish Crown Regiment of Opalinski. Base of regiment Pancerni and Cossacks. Can be strengthened with more Cossacks and Pancerni. This regiment could field Hussar Banners, as additional elite units, but since mine are unassembled and unpainted, this regiment will have to go without. Cavalry regiments benefit from Noble brothers rule - they get confidence from presence of other noble Polish regiments - but also feel specially nervous if something should happen to them. This one as close to minimum strenght and cost but I found a way to cram an extra banner of pancerni into the regiment giving them some punch. At 7 FSP they are still cheaper than the light regiment so I need to figure out a way of fielding a stronger regiment for mainforce, in order to be able to use Light regiment as vanguard. This regiment might see use as ambush or flanking force.

Regiment of Levy of Nobility of Chelm, led by castellan Zamojski, is basically noble volunteers. Part of these can be traded for peasant levy infantry. And they can field an 1.5 pounder falconet. Motivation of these guys is dubious, they are here to show up, not to fight and they are hard to command under best of circumstances. If they suffer any casualties they are liable to call it a day.  But boy, do they look dashing. Cheap in points, 4 FSP with the hinders. I decided to leave the falconet, but give one of the lan companies cobylica treetrunk hinders. What their role will be on the battlefield remains to be seen.

As additional regiment I will field a regiment of Reiters led by Albrecht Holk. This regimental spot could also be filled by Dragoons or  Infantry or even more Polish cavalry regiments.  At smallest it could be just four companies of reiters. My muster will have more to have some striking power against the Swedish and to enable me to use the light regiment as scouts. So I beef up the command points of the colonel, buy all allowed companies of armored and unarmored reiters and give these guys a lieutenant-colonel Rantzau to boot. With cost of 12 FSP this regiment will be my main force. It will probably not be enough to smash Swedish infantry to pieces alone, but if other flanking and harassing cavalry gets them to some level of disorganization they have a shot.

As divisional support I could have artillery - If I had infantry or dragoon regiments. Since I will by out gunned by the Swedish garrison division I will be facing in any case I decided to leave artillery and try to rely on mobility.

In addition I could by four units from a list  of troops allowed: ammunition wagons, companies of musketeers or reiters, dragoons or Polish infantry.I settled on a company of musketeers and two companies strong squadron of dragoons. Musketeers I will probably leave to stiffen the volunteer regiment since they are not very  mobile. Dragoons may be attached to some cavalry regiment in order to get forward fire support. With four bases they will lose firefight to any real infantry, but in right place they might make a difference. Cost of these extras 3 Points

I suspect I have loads of more points than my adversary. It interesting to see how extra effects will affect my troops at and before deployment. With the guns and infantry Swede can muster I would need to separate his cav from his infantry and beat them separately. He'll need to use obstacles and natural cover to maximum effect to protect his infantry and guns. I need to try and flank possible obstacles and preferably attack from several angles at the same time. In  worst case I can try to overwhelm him with superior numers and get his morale to drop by archery and fire of mobile cav before charging in with the reiterws and pancerni.

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