torstai 11. kesäkuuta 2015

Hoarding. Harakkaelämä jatkuu.

Polish peasants have been very slow to progress.
The different groups for Ronin have acquired some color but nothing has been finished - oh and I got myself some more minis from various makers.

The travelling hatamoto with his retinue is slowly progressing. And have run into a disreputable ronin. 
Still wondering about colourscheme for these servants. Leaning towards vibrant blues at this point - not really happy with the hues I've tried though.

The samurai from Steelfist are almost intimidating in their detail. And in size tower over their lesser compatriots.

The wako bunch 
Ten disreputable pirates, bandits or rebelling peasants. Fun to do - very slim in their proportions.
Maker Forlorn games.

 Peasants of 1st corps. A bit stocky but mixture of improvised weapons is nice - might serve as bandits or join Ikko  army as lowest of the bunch.

From Warriorminiatures bunch of ashigaru, 2 samurai and a seminaked guy who will probably serve as bandit or very disreputable ronin. A bit short in comparison to some others but might augment bushi buntai or form one of their own. Sculpting style is very different from Perrys or museum miniatures - in a way these guys resemble sculptures more than real people. It will be very intersting to see how they paint.

Now I just need to resist the urge to get some more wako - even if I have seen one with Portuguese morion.

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