tiistai 23. kesäkuuta 2015

Focusing? Keskittymistä?

I had this idea of trying to finish stuff already on the table before starting anything new.
Succes has been mixed - I have not started much new and I have concentrated on the peasant horde, Japanese pirates and the Danish command group. Other projects have gotten attention mainly when there has been extra color on my palette.

The wako - and some peasants - now block painted and with sand on wet acrylic paint. With dip, some glue on the base and varnish they are probably pretty much done. Disreputable bunch and with no armor except on the leader they'll probably die horrendously in the games of Ronin but they were fun to paint.

Peasants are a bit large batch - progress on them is depressingly slow. Still they are closing on getting their. I need to finish their faces (for some reason I've used two different shades - neither of which looks  really convincing) and facial hair, sand the bases  and see how they look after the dip. In the forefront  Danish command groups. With the new Swedish army lists for Scania these gentlemen will finally have an enemy they might want to meet on the field. So it is time to give finishing touch of powder to their whigs give them flags and make them ready for the battles of autumn.

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