maanantai 2. joulukuuta 2013

Some more works in progress

I have been painting some polish cossacks and volunteers to complement existing troops.
The two cossack banners are almost done - just waiting for a shading of wash, lacquer and some grass and details on the base. Blue reins give the unit surprisingly blue overall look. For some reason I seem unable to focus on just compelting the guys once they are almost done. So...
I have at the same time dabbled with volunteers - their horses still need painting, as well as much of their clothing. These were supposed to be "the blue troops"  but may get more tan or yellow topcoats to lighten the overall impression.
And even more fuzzy ride the German type reiters. These guys are going to play role of German mercenary reiters, possibly Danish and Imperial troops as well. Red will be their main identification color - in sashes and feathers, with white, red and tan  dominating jackets and coatcolors. At the moment the most finished guys, in the front, are a tad too uniform for historical accuracy.
 I might give these guys mainly white and light grey horses in contrast to Poles riding grey and brown horses.

And  as an aside - I need to actually learn how to get decent pics - pic quality here is abysmal.

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