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Carelian defence force - Karjalan armeija 1656

Well - almost there edges of bases still black.
Melkein valmista - vielä beissien reunat....
Some peasants:
In that evening sun... Mixture of Polish peasants and various guys with muskets. 

Nostoväen talonpoikia ilta-auringossa
Bases with rock, marsh, birch forest theme to separate them from earlier batch of Polish peasants.

Provincial musketeers:

Vastavärvättyä muskettimiestä ja vanhoja veteraaneja sekaisin.

Various iterations of Viborg regiment uniforms mixed with civilian clothing.

Adelsfana - the banner of noblemen, or feudal levy:

Aatelislippue - isäntiensä varustama, joten ei univormuja. Taisteluarvo kyseenlainen.

No real uniforms - of suspect quality. Paid men equipped privately by their masters.

Recruit reiters:
Best recruits are already in Poland or Livonia these are those left behind earlier. Unexperienced, too young, too old, some infirm. Equipped with leftovers. May have the fighting spirit, but lack drill, experience and kit.

The colonel:
Eversti seurueineen
A mediocre commander who got no troops to lead in the kings war south. Stuck into an inglorious business of repelling muscovites with no real promise of booty or ransoms, threatened by shame if he fails.

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