perjantai 30. tammikuuta 2015

New Year, slow progress Uusi vuosi, hidasta edistymistä

Ideas of having some mega gamingsessions during the holidays went down the drain with nasty flu. Since my painting table was invaded by my wifes puzzle also the painting progress has been slow. (To be fair it is her table originally and she has done a puzzle on it for last ten years every Christmas holiday so I can't complain too loudly.)

With that said I have  slowly come into gear first with some 15 mm Legio Heroica crusaders to use as Saga warband - or with reinforcements perhaps in Lion Rampant.
 At the same time I have been slowly working on getting Sipahis of the BFaS ottoman Skirmish force into playing condition. Motivation on this hs been somewhat lackluster - we are eagerly waiting for the Deluge to see what changes
Warband has been fun change - limited amount of figures and somewhat different color schemes.
Still a work in progress, but seems to proceed rapidly whenever I find time to work on it.

As a side project I have aqcuired larger playing surface 200cm by 120cm. With a wish to fill it with troops next game has been agreed to be Pike and Shotte Italian wars.
My opponent will be bringing his exquisite Venetians whom I aim to thrash with brutal numerical superiority in a scenario inspired by Agnadello.
Hence I needed to dig up the Black Band landsknechts who were overtaken in painting queu by the BFaS troops over a year ago.

My intention was to add some finer details, but I ended just painting bases in different shades of green - one of the stages I hate. At the same time I did same operation on some Ronin figures, some fencing and touched up the sides of some sipahi bases. I may still have time to do some work on the band before the game on Sunday, but these guys will be deployed less than ready.

Joululoman pelisuunnitelmat kariutuivat sitkeään flunssaan, maalaus on pitkään takunnut. Hitaasti kuitenkin teko vaihde alkaa löytyä. Legio Heroican  ristiretkeläisiä Sagaan, hidasta edistystä ottomaani ratsuväen parissa ja pitkästä aikaa töitä Pike and Shotte Italian sotien joukkojen parissa.

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