maanantai 12. toukokuuta 2014


I have painted pretty little in May, life has been hectic.
The imperial tercio has gotten some more details and I've been adding color to some reiters and pancerni that I had left inked. Still a bit unsure if the effect is actually worth the time in compariosn to just using a tinted glaze. I know that in hands of my regular gaming opponent it does give stunning results. So it is probably worth the effort in the long run.
I have also tried to get some order to the things on the table and reorganized way I store stuff waiting to be painted. 
In similar vein I looked on the figures I've had on the skirmishes to see what work they need.
Hussars, Pancerni and some Ottoman Cavalry.
 And noticed all my spear and lancearmed horse have been struggling without. So some work with superglue was required. Pancerni will be ready by just getting color and varnish on spears - other troops require more brushwork.

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