tiistai 28. maaliskuuta 2017

Return from Wilanov

Well the By Fire and Sword event was as fun as always.

For the event I took Swedish lists. After training sessions in Lahti  I was in no mood for taking any unit with spear or lance, so Ottomans were out and Poles got unlikely.

For this reason I took a look on my old Swedes and gave them small facelift:

 For invincibles I had some new armored reiters, needed to switch riders on some veteran bases and retouch some of the bases - here pics before.
Detachment used mainly same figures - so I had three lists of which I in the event only played the invincibles - it seemed like fun at the time.

Some ready bases. I also finished the janissaries fotr the event.

And just for finishing touch I added some recognition markings to backedges of the bases.
These really helped keeping order in the units during the tourney.

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