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What was done in 2016 - what looms in 2017

Well my aim for 2016 was to get more stuff finished, work more organized and most important not start projects I would not finish.

Number of finished stuff for 2016 does not look too bad.

For By Fire and Sword
Tatars  3 bases warriors with spears, 6 bases rabble, 6 bases of warriors
2 wagons, one gun-limber
For BFaS  Carelian Defence force:
Lutheran peasant levy 8 bases
Viborg reiters, Recruit reiters and noble levy Adelsfana 14 bases altogether
And some provincial musketeers say 4 new bases and work on old ones.
For Carthage
Numidian skirmishers 9 bases
Numidian horse 6 bases
Iberian caetrati 6 bases
Iberian scutarii 6 bases
Gauls 6 + 6
Tarentine horse 6 bases
Libyan spearmen 12 bases
African veterans 6 bases
Italians by xyston 8 bases medium,  4 bases light infantry
8 spec ops operators in 20 mm

That is 117 bases of figures in 15 mm, 44 of those with horses. Perhaps more important is getting 3 complete playable entities out in form of Carelian defence force, amount of Punic forces enough for Sword and Spear and force that is playable in Spec ops. 
Still my table is cluttered with projects I have started sometime and which are not worked on actively. I have tried to reduce this by actively packing away stuff not currently worked on and to some extent this has worked. There are still quite as many semiactive and non-active projects, but they are not impeding work on the table and to large extent protected from the dust.

Works in Progress – or, if honest, works that have been started in the past:

Horde of janissaries, azaps and mixed light ottoman troops – in the dreaded almost finished state.
Unit of silahdar/sipahi of the porte – have been on and off the painting table and are close to finishing touches. Trouble with ottomans is that they have no urgent gaming need. The figures would be complement a division or Pike and Shotte Army and no game of either is in close plans.
Reiters – both “eastern” and imperial
Cuirassiers – Both reiters and cuirassiers would go for a Pike and Shotte game and there limiting factor would probably be amount of available musketeers and pikemen.
Irish/Scottish regiment of musketeers and pike – nice small project that may wait until projects that are further are gotten away
Unit of Polish Volunteers – started, would be needed for battle of Warsaw campaign to proxy Polish cossacks
Unit of tatars in commonwealth service – should probably worked in tandem with the volunteers to get them off the table.
Unit of landsknecht pike, small unit of Italian pike – begun just for fun, should be pushed a bit forward to bolster the number and raise the quality of pikes available for possible Italian wars game.
Unit of German very early reiters – almost finished – should be finished just to pad the numbers and clear the clutter
28 mm figures for Ronin – various to be worked after inspiration, to complement existing units and to lessen clutter.
The crusaders in 15 mm – still. So close to finishing that they should be pushed to finish during spring. Even more so since my opponent has finished his Moslems.
Gaul foot, gaul cavalry – horde is never larger enough. Finish the light cavalry soonish and try to get the mailed cavalry painted too to give legionaries and their cavalry bad times.
Ligurians and illyrians – just touch up, dip and flock the Ligurians and leave Illyrians to wait for inspiration.
Iberians and ibericelts – I have enough for Sword and Spear allies – 1-3 units are required for Hail Caesar division and they look pretty nice so crack the whip when inspired. And get some of horsies painted too since Iberian cavalry looks totally different from the Gauls and Numidians.
Italian Allies- no real hurry unless inspiration hits.
Elephants – stomp the imperialist!

the Civil war Spaniards – Republicans pretty advanced, Nationalists need more work. They were pretty quick to do so they should be finished so gaming can be attempted.

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