maanantai 25. heinäkuuta 2016

Wip Turks and ancients

Following Eurocup and re-enactment camp took most of the time in June and early July.
So very little painting got done.

I got cemaat of janissaries underway and complemented some earlier miscallenous turks:
Janissaries, azaps and corsairs. Mix of wargamer and museum miniatures

Some SCW nationalists got prepared for painting - as well as some ancients:

 Old Glory gauls - huge brutes in comparison to their FiG compatriots
 FiG Campanian hoplites
 Some more elephants - I need lots if we ever get to do Zama. Right? Truth be told I just feel like collecting the pachyderms.
 Tarentine light cavalry. I blame the Osprey book I ordered half by chance. In case Syracuse/ Magna Graecia army to oppose Carthagese gets done these have good use and in Carthage they can be used as allies- allthough they have same use as Numidian cavalry I already had.
Xyston Oscans, Campanians and Apulians mixed into one unit and Xyston Javelinmen as light infantry. Xyston javelinmen were so inspiring I rushed them to front of the queue and here is the result prewash:

Shields with freehand are inspiring and very frustrating at the same time. Same thing is waiting with the heavier Italian infantry and Gauls I am afraid. I have decals - fitted for smaller shields of Forged in Battle troops.

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